List now briefly the Factors that influence it:

- PREVIOUS STRESS: the warm down must not be an additional load compared to the performance previously carried out, so it must be an undemanding activity.

- DURATION: Between 10 to 15 minutes.

- STATE OF TRAINING: depending on the training session and condition, it is useful to choose a short warm (bad sensation or short training session) or long (good sensation or long/hard training session), with an extremely low intensity.

- AGE: for older athletes, it must be light and of greater duration, almost relaxing, for young athletes, instead, different and specific methods can be used.

-MOOD: the duration is regulated by general conditions such as the athlete's mood.

- TIME OF THE DAY: in the morning you need a shorter warm-down than in the evening, because the body is still little 'run-in', in fact, in the morning the body temperature is at a minimum and is at most in the evening

- SEASON OF THE YEAR: in the summer, for example, a gradual, longer and less intense warm down is required than in winter.

- CLIMATE FACTORS: with high external temperatures a less intense warm down is achieved, which among other things is accompanied by body cooling measures ... and its PURPOSE:

- Quickly recover the psychophysical performance

- Promote relaxation and regeneration

- Increase the subjective state of individual well-being

- Improving health (long-term goals) The warm down, as we have seen, is of considerable importance because it is the first 'starter' that favors post-training / race recovery. To these, as elements favoring recovery, these additional measures must be added:

- Immediately after, a recovery shaker with high glycemic index carbohydrates (such as maltodextrin or dextrose) is needed (1gr of carbs per KG). About 5 minutes after whey protein (20-25 gr).

- Stretching, to be performed at least 10 minutes

- Use of compressive socks, or even better recovery boots which allow better blood circulation and avoid the stagnation of waste products and catabolites produced by intense physical activity, with a consequent better expulsion

- Decontracting and / or relaxing massage

-Do not forget about 'mental recovery', perhaps that sometimes weighs even more than anything I have said so far.

Matteo Cigala
Founder and Head Coach